Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

Would you like to know how to stop smoking in a positive and easy way?

How about starting right now by making a list of all of the benefits you will enjoy as a non-smoker? Imagine yourself in the future; say six months time from now.

How good is it going to be when someone offers you a cigarette and you find yourself saying ‘no thanks’? Perhaps you can imagine how proud you are going to feel and how positive you will be about yourself.

Hypnosis is not the mind control technique that is often represented on TV and in the media. In fact, you cannot make people do anything using hypnosis. Quite the opposite, if someone doesn’t want to stop smoking, they will be even more definite about that in hypnosis!

Quitting Smoking Benefits:

  • After 20 Minutes – Blood Pressure Decreases, Pulse Rate Drops, Body temperature of hands and feet increases
  • After 8 Hours – Oxygen Level in blood increases to normal
  • After 24 Hours – Chance of Heart Attack Decreases
  • After 48 Hours – Nerve Endings start re-growing, Ability to smell and taste start to improve
  • After 3 Weeks – 2 Months-Circulation Improves, Walking becomes easier, Lung function increases
  • After 1 – 9 Months – You will notice significant improvements in Coughing, Sinus Congestion, Fatigue, and Shortness of Breathe
  • After 1 Year of Being Smoke Free – Excess Risk of Coronary Heart Disease is Decreased to half that of a smoker

Get Paid to Stop Smoking!!

Smoking just one pack a day currently costs you as much as $2,100.00 a year on a habit that you probably don’t even want anymore. Why not simply invest what you would usually spend in the next couple months on cigarettes, on becoming a non-smoker for life.