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Would you like to know how to stop smoking in a positive and easy way?

How about starting right now by making a list of all of the benefits you will enjoy as a non-smoker? Imagine yourself in the future; say six months time from now.

How good is it going to be when someone offers you a cigarette and you find yourself saying ‘no thanks’? Perhaps you can imagine how proud you are going to feel and how positive you will be about yourself.

Hypnosis is not the mind control technique that is often represented on TV and in the media. In fact, you cannot make people do anything using hypnosis. Quite the opposite, if someone doesn’t want to stop smoking, they will be even more definite about that in hypnosis!

Quitting Smoking Benefits:

  • After 20 Minutes – Blood Pressure Decreases, Pulse Rate Drops, Body temperature of hands and feet increases
  • After 8 Hours – Oxygen Level in blood increases to normal
  • After 24 Hours – Chance of Heart Attack Decreases
  • After 48 Hours – Nerve Endings start re-growing,...

Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier!

Forget dieting and start living!

You’ve tried everything!

Diets, liquid fasts, pills, shots, even surgery, yet nothing seems to end your battle with food.

Permanent weight loss seems like a distant dream.

But not anymore…

At Smart Thing King Hypnotherapy, we help you to stay focused on your goals and help you to reprogram your brain to love exercise as well as enjoy healthy food choices with smaller portion sizes.

Although Hypnosis is not a magic pill that will take off the weight, Hypnosis is the tool that will keep you determined to reach your desired goal.

We will work with you to:

  • Make eating a source of pleasure, not guilt.
  • Shift from powerlessness to willingness.
  • Make peace with your body.
  • Design a personalized plan to help you shed your unwanted weight
  • Learn what are the underlying emotional causes blocking you from losing weight

Even more important than shedding the excess weight is to make sure that the emotional...


Improve Sports Performance

Are you in a slump or simply wanting to move up a few notches? Being an athlete, you are well aware of “The Zone,” when your mind and body work so perfectly together that you play your best game, or ride your best race, or ski your best competition.


  • Hypnosis can assist athletes in achieving their ideal performance state
  • Hypnosis can be used to help athletes identify pre-competitive emotional states associated with successful sport performances
  • Hypnosis can be used to help athletes achieve precompetitive emotional states helpful for sport performance
  • Resolve problems associated with poor performances keeping athletes from performing at their peak
  • Athletes can perform skills analysis while under hypnosis to gain insight into what has occurred in past performances, and discover what they may or may not be doing that is keeping them from correctly executing sport skills
  • Athletes can use hypnosis to learn associations...

Quite often a child who has a decreased attention span when listening or is disruptive in the classroom, is given the label of having ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD-Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

Parents often feel they have no other choice, but to have the child placed on medication. Hypnosis has been found to be very beneficial for ADD/ADHD.

Some symptoms of the inattentive type of ADD are:

  • Being easily distracted from a task, lesson, or conversation
  • Difficulty keeping the mind on any one thing
  • Getting bored with a task before it’s completed
  • Skipping over details
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Difficulty listening when directly addressed
  • Difficulty following instructions or finishing tasks
  • Disorganization and forgetfulness
  • Children with ADD often bounce from task to task without completing any of them, or skipping necessary steps in procedures. They often have difficulty learning new material. Organizing their schoolwork and their time is harder for them than...